She Calls Me Sweetheart

Back at writing!!! Finally! I just changed my wordpress name from SofiAnneya to She Calls Me Sweetheart and I’d like to share how I got this.

It has been months since I last posted something here though I’ve done a lot of writing on several topics on not-so-distant past and recent experiences. They are mostly personal journal and reflections on my life events (not necessarily daily), Bible readings, devotions and sermons, conversations with family and friends (church and non-church) and a lot more.

So as I sat down in front of my laptop, I thought it’s time to make a minor change hopefully to encourage and inspire me to post more writings here so what better way to start than changing my wordpress name?

I got thinking…and thinking…I considered lots of options and then my thoughts wandered off to my 3 years and 3 months old daughter sleeping peacefully beside me with only the cooling fan to ease the summer heat here (34 degrees and that’s because we had a bit of a downpour for a short while!).

As I’m writing this, she turned in her bed, raised her head a bit, opened her eyes as she looked at me (and I thought – oh no, please go back to sleep as I had just started writing! hahahaha), gave me the sweetest smile and then yes, thank goodness, closed her eyes again and went back to zzzzz-land. Whew!

To the topic. How did I get the new change in name?

I’ve gotten used to using ‘love,’ and/or ‘sweetheart’ as I talk to her whether or not I’m giving her instructions. “Please put on your shoes, sweetheart.” “Let’s tidy up now, love.” “I’ll help you with that, sweetheart.”

And one time, she was enjoying her play time with clay (we made our own clay, an idea I got from one of the art and craft blogs – many many thanks!) and we were playing ‘cooking time.’ She was rolling and patting and molding clay into her desired shapes and items and I was playing along with her. She placed some of her ‘food’ onto her plates and then as she often does, she gave one plate to me and said, “Let’s eat.” As I took the plate from her and thanked her for sharing her ‘food,’ she continued, “Let’s wash hands first, sweetheart, okay?” “Come, sweetheart, wash hands okay?”

And how I laughed with delight and amusement! A perfect copy! Even the way she said it was an excellent echoing of the way mommy says it! LOL! I also realised that she wasn’t only playing ‘cooking’ with her clay but she was also role-playing! She was pretending to be ‘mommy.’

But really, hearing my little one call me sweetheart in her sweet, innocent, child-like voice totally made my day! This one goes into my long-term, priceless and treasured memory bank for sure!

Oh motherhood! What joy, privilege and honor! 🙂




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