Another Milestone for Anya

6 April 2016

Time flies fast indeed. Today is little one’s 1st day of summer school for a month. Nappy-less since 2.6 yrs old, she is now learning a little bit of independence each day at 3 years and 3 months today. One of her favourite sentences is, “I do it…I do it…or sometimes she’ll say it in Ilonggo (our local dialect), “Ako lang, ako lang!”

Even on her 1st ballet class yesterday, I realised how she has become more confident and though we are together every single day and closer with our bond now as mother and daughter than when I used to work, I was very proud of the way she handled herself. Though she is one of the youngest among her group of 3 – 5 years old, when it was time for them to go inside the ballet studio, she only looked out for me once and went into the class without much of a fuss. A few kids older than her had to be prodded and dragged their moms/nannies/caregivers with them to the studio but little Anya happily and excitedly sauntered into the studio all by herself.

Today, she was only too curious and happy to be with kids her age. She was the first one in the line as her teacher rounded them up and followed instructions without any trouble. Just like in her Sunday School class last Sunday, she took the teacher’s hand whom she had just met, glanced at me just once for assurance and off she went with nary a second look.😅

 And oh my, oh my—- singing and being in the worship team while preggy with her must have rubbed off on her. She had a BLAST clapping, jumping, dancing and “singing” as her group joined the adult service (in a huge.auditorium!) praise & worship time. Another proof she doesn’t have ASD.😑 So much for all the misdiagnosis she’s had! (next post)
Truly, a mother’s heart and God’s inerrant wisdom is far more better than any ‘gloomy.fotecasts’!
Likr every child regardless of condiion, she is FEARFULLY and WONDERFULLY made in her Father’s image.
THANK YOU SO MUCH Lord for this priceless and precious blessing and gift and for the time I get to have with her for these last months before we go back and as she prepares for her preschool. YOU ARE TRULY WONDERFUL & FAITHFUL in EVERYTHING.
Many many THANKS to everyone who prayed for and with us for her and for all the encouragement and godly advice and inspiration.
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